galerie zeitmaschine. corona time online gallery
photo exhibition 2021, july, gallery

Der Glasmaler

Dokumentarfilm 73 min. 

R: P.Rippl/E.Hoemann, P: ehfilm 

main title: der glasmaler   

Heart of Rabelais - Papa Takata (music, cd album)
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img_Vanilleclub Studio One, Max Schumacher
teaching film audio & sounddesign at the Ostfalia Hochschule
my panremis_de november '21-exhibition 'power plants'
img_Ike Anger-Mother Earth 2031 (music, album)
Logo design for Radio X Frankfurt

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kin-et kintopp entertainment - independent local music label & archive
exhibition 'spuren_' -photos and sound installation- at Asian Arts Center gallery, Frankfurt
webdesign papa takata band page 2023
alternative posters for the hessian election 2023
shirt logo design papa takata band
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my old painting of Cher's ass
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